Dreamscapes Unveiled Poster

The Dreamscapes Unveiled Experience

2024 ART-X Festival

May 17- 26, 2024

I am proud to announce that I am a Grantee for ART-X.  This Festival Offering wil offer many, many happenings-

  • A Gallery Show with esteemed colleagues Suzanne Botello and Lisa Lee Pearce
  • Three Awesome Workshops
  • A Red Book Slide Show and Active Imagination Experience
  • Why We Sleep Book Discussion with esteemed colleague Sarah Gibson, MD

And, so much more!


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Dream Group DST


Dream and Discussion Group

Free and Online

This is a Free Online Group that has been in existence for over 20 years! We generally meet Third Sundays 3-5 MST.

As a Community Dream and Discussion Group, we gather to learn about and explore Jungian Concepts.  Everyone is welcome and we encourage everyone to participate and contribute at the level they feel comfortable.  During the first hour of our group, we explore a topic through presentation and discussion. We will take a brief break and then come back to tend a Dream.  


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Psyche Speaks

Awaken Your Creative Spirit - Unlock your artistic potential

Coconino Community College ART Room

Wednesdays, 3:30- 5:30pm

July 10 - August 7, 2024

Registration is Live

Learn and practice strategies to jumpstart your creative process, whether you are just starting out with artistic expression, experiencing art block, or want to rejuvenate your journey of self-development.

This is a five week class in CCC's art studio for personal creative development- balancing art methods/ tools and individualized creative expression. We will create Mandalas, Collage Cards, Art Journal pages, and Ensos as methods of calming, reflection, creative meditation, and self-definition. You will also learn techniques for centering and focusing to find and harness the flow in your creative process.

Dr. Michelle Gray has over 40 years of experience working in Expressive Arts and Coaching. She has recently retired from her Depth Psychology and Marriage and Family practices, and is now focusing on providing Authentic Path and Journey Coaching to those making transitions (retirement, kids launching, divorce, new career, new environs).  Michelle is a Professional Certified Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation, the Gold Standard for Coaches. She is also a working artist and a Grantee of ART-X, Flagstaff's Premier Art Festival.  Her current Installation "Dreamscapes Unveiled"  will be featured at the Open Doors Art Studio through June, with talks/workshops held throughout the city of Flagstaff.  Learn more about Michelle here:

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