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Dream and Discussion Group

Free and Online

This is a Free Online Group that has been in existence for over 20 years! We generally meet Third Sundays 3-5 MST.

As a Community Dream and Discussion Group, we gather to learn about and explore Jungian Concepts.  Everyone is welcome and we encourage everyone to participate and contribute at the level they feel comfortable.  During the first hour of our group, we explore a topic through presentation and discussion. We will take a brief break and then come back to tend a Dream.  

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Tapestry of time door


Special Event

Sunday March 17 3-5pm MST

Free and Online

Tapestry of Time

a film by Christine Clawley

We will view a premier selection of clips with commentary from Filmmaker and Q&A

About Tapestry of Time

Nearly everyone has experienced brief moments of insight, clarity, or a feeling of timelessness in which life begins to take on a synchronistic or dreamlike quality. In these moments, the magic and wonder of life often returns and we can experience mundane or profound, meaningful connections. Synchronicity and other time anomalies grant the individual a glimpse into a deeper reality, beyond the limits of space, time, and linear causality. This film’s aim is to give voice to those experiences often silenced by experts, authoritative figures, and even ourselves, as well as offer old and new ways to relate to the most precious, elusive physical quantity known.

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Featuring Interviews with:

Robert Moss

Eric Wargo

Sharon Hewitt Rawlette

Scarlett Heinbuch

Elizabeth Krohn

Paul Levy

Terje Simonsen

Dr. Bernard Beitman

Rob & Trish MacGregor

Dr. Joseph Cambray

Mike Clelland

Tessa B. Dick
Jonathan Zap


About the Film-maker:  Christine Clawley, MA, LPC is an NDE experiencer, counselor, and life coach who has worked in a variety of capacities, including providing counseling and support at community mental health centers, hospitals, prisons, inpatient eating disorder clinics, homeless shelters, and crisis support. She currently works in private practice and has a Jungian and Depth-oriented practice that helps clients heal from traumatic experiences, as well as supports individuals who have also had near-death experiences or other spiritually-transformative experiences.



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Dreamscapes Unveiled

2024 ART-X Festival

May 17- 26, 2024

I am proud to announce that I am a Grantee for ART-X.  This Festival Offering wil offer many, many happenings-

  • A Gallery Show with esteemed colleagues Suzanne Botello and Lisa Lee Pearce
  • Three Awesome Workshops
  • A Red Book Slide Show and Active Imagination Experience
  • Why We Sleep Book Discussion with esteemed colleague Sarah Gibson, MD

And, so much more!



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