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Hi, I am Michelle Gray and I want to join with you to find and embrace your Authentic Path to self-knowledge, self-confidence, and self-expression.  I am a Professional Certified Coach (ICF) and a Full Member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology.  It is my pleasure and honor to help you manifest and maintain a fierce faith in your potentials.

My gifts are strong perception warmed with decades of personal and professional experience in walking an Authentic Path towards a worthy dream. Each person I have coached in the past 35 years has amazed and inspired me.  I understand that you are unique and I expect your path to be unique. I welcome that experience.

I am devoted to helping my clients achieve their highest potentials and live the life they aspire to. Many of the people I work with have been very successful in their life paths but sometimes feel not quite aligned with their current and future dreams.  They come to achieve clarity, develop self-confidence, create new ways of being in the world, including creative self-expression. You might be one of those people who wish to understand and express your Authentic Path.  If so, I would love to talk with you!

If you would like to learn more about my approach to creating sustained change and my qualifications, please see About Dr. Gray.

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Awaken Creative Solutions

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Transformation is a way of life, not a moment in time.  Thoughtful conversations can lead us to understand what we want to do next in our growth process. We are are all on the pathway to our truest expression and sometimes we might lead a little Coaching to get there.

Like many of my clients, you probably have been very successful in your original goal whether that be career, relationship, or something utterly unique.  However, at this time you may be feeling a little out of step and not feeling the joy you would like to feel. You might be feeling tired, unsatisfied, frustrated, burnt out, and confused about how you are going to get to your place of happiness.  I believe that knowing and pursuing your Authentic Path leads to great satisfaction and joy because you are manifesting the You That You Were Always Meant to Be. At this point, you may not be able to see your full Journey to that outcome but you have come to this place for a reason. To live a more fulfilling life aligned with your values and dreams.

I am a Coach who is prepared to meet you wherever you are on your unique Authentic Path. I can coach and facilitate your Journey through until you have arrived at the place you would like to be.  My training and experience for facilitating your exploration and manifestation are well-developed and cross many disciplines.  The Journey Paths that I offer most frequently are Jungian Depth Coaching for Self-exploration, Creative Arts Coaching for enhanced Self-expression, and Solution Focused Coaching for creating new and exciting pathways to success. I call these Journeys


My Logo Represents Authentic Path Coaching. It consists of all three of these Journey Paths. You may wish to focus on one or more of these Journeys to create your own Authentic Path.



If you feel you struggling with a Transition or Transformation due to a significant change in your life or in your satisfaction with your life, an Awaken Journey may be helpful.  You vision might not be a hundred percent clear about what your outcome might be.  You just know that you need an alignment between your Authentic Path and your current reality.  So, you need reflect back and remember who you are and what truly brings you joy.  And recapture that.

I would be honored to be your partner while you are asking Who Am I? Who do I want to be? This is the path of the Self, of Individuation. It’s about exploring and taking the necessary next steps in becoming the person you are meant to be. As a Jungian Depth Coach, I have a deep understanding and appreciation of what it is to be Human throughout history, culture, and current time.  We are ancient and modern and hold within us the answers we need. You just need the right kind of conversation to explore and bravely speak your unique truth. And although I am partial to Jungian path to Self-Exploration, I am more than happy to meet anyone on their own philosophical platform.

Awakening can be a sort of Spiral Journey, that can meander a bit but always comes to the center. I also see it akin to the cocooning that happens in a butterfly’s life.  The caterpillar lives and successfully chomps its way through life. But all of a sudden there is that urge to evolve so it builds a cocoon.  After that things can get a little messy while the old Self dissolves and the True Essential Elements realign in a most wonderful way. That is the purpose of the Awaken Journey. To align into your True Self and get clear about your Authentic Path.

Some of the Experiences in this Path could include Coaching Conversations, Dream Work, Shadow Work, Active Imaginations, Journaling. We could explore through Coaching Tools such as Myers Briggs, Enneagram, or anything else you request. The opportunities are endless, given my 40 year background in Psychology.

If you want to work with me on your Awaken to Self Journey, please contact me via the contact sheet!  Blessings!


If you feel clear about your Self and your Authentic Path but you are struggling with how to express and manifest these insights, the Creative Journey is likely what you need. You may struggle with Self Expression in your work, in your relationship, or in your creativity.  You may not have the words, or the visuals, or the courage to put those words and images forward. You need support and the opportunity to experiment in a safe and fulfilling way.

I’d be honored to be your partner while you are exploring your unique talents of Self-Expression.  This is the path of the Creator, the Artist, the Writer, the Force to be Reckoned with. As an Artist myself, I have a deep understanding and appreciation of how challenging it can be to fully express the Vision within.  You were born whole and creative and somewhere you got the idea that it was not safe to put your Self out there. But this is not true, you have the resources you need.  You just need the right kind of conversation to break through those blocking constraints. I am a skilled Art Facilitator, Psychodramatist, and Storyteller and can help you to use Visual, Improvisational, Metaphoric, and Narrative Methods to change your Story. You deserve to be the Hero/ine of your Journey! And you deserve to have fun.

The Create Journey Awakening can be a Looping Hero/ine’s Journey where you become braver in your Self Expression with each new and exciting creative experiment.  And when each experiment is complete, you arrive back into your center Self for the integration of your learning. I also see it akin to the part of a butterfly’s life as it struggles to hatch out of the cocoon and is finally happily strengthening its wings. Maybe not quite ready for flight, but so beautiful.  The struggle to exit the cocoon is essential and the lesson is to be brave and persevere. That is the purpose of the Creative Journey.  To strengthen your Self-expression and get ready to fly!

It is my goal to help you manifest and maintain a fierce faith in your potentials as a Creator in your life.  There are many opportunities to explore creatively when you work with me. Some of the Experiences in this Path could include Coaching Conversations, Creative Collage, Psychodrama Chair work, Active Imagination, Journaling, Storytelling. I am a Trauma Informed and patient Coach and Art Facilitator.  The Creative Journey can be done either individually or through a classroom or through a group. And I have platforms for all of those. We could hold individual coaching sessions in my studio or over Zoom.  You could join one of the So individually it would be coming and doing the Creative coaching in the studio. If you desired a Group Experience, you could join one of my Guided Creative Groups such as Psyche Speaks which premiered during The Dreamscapes Unveiled Experience for ARTx.  You can learn about that my exploring that page of this website.  You could also take my Community College Class, Awakening Creative Spirit: Unlocking Your Artistic Potential.  Really, the opportunities for Creative Growth are endless and I would be most happy to be your Creative Journey Coach!


Even when skilled at manifesting the success your deserve for your Self along your Authentic Path, you will sometimes find a challenge that will outstrip your current bandwidth or capacity. This is when the Solutions Journey is best. You may need to clarify your thoughts, explore the possibilities, and/ or weigh the risk/ rewards of those possibilities.  You need Solutions!

I’d be honored to be your Thinking Partner on your Solutions Journey. Each human being is unique, with individual strengths and opportunities, as well as learned challenges that create problems. Sometimes it is difficult to see the path forward towards one's desired dreams.  Solutions often arise out of honoring one's innate positive strengths, while learning new ways to embrace and engage with one's challenges.  It is my experience that clients enjoy a friendly, direct, and supportive conversations about the goal they want to achieve.  There are many ways to understand a stuckness problem and it helps to have a competent and skilled coach to help explore all the possibilities for resolution.

As an Organizational Psychologist, Executive Coach, and Certified Solution-Focused Coach, I have the skills necessary to be efficient and effective. During our conversations together, we will clarify what you would like to focus and goals will be made to achieve the results you would like to see. We can explore your most brilliant thoughts about your identified problem and goal, as well as any stuckness you experience in achieving those goals. I am a very experienced life change agent and my primary goal is my client's happiness and life satisfaction.  It is truly an honor to do my work.

The Solutions Journey honors the idea that there can be multiple ways to look at a problem.  When you look at the Solutions Image, what do you see? Butterfly Wings or two persons talking?  Narrative Coaching will help you see the problem from many perspectives and choose the Authentic Path of greatest alignment to your values. I also see this journey as akin to the long-flight of the Monarch. S/he has the flight plan integrated into the very Core but even so, may hit a storm that takes one off course.  It is important that your recover your internal navigation, get back on track, and move forward to your goal. That is the purpose of the Solutions Journey and I would love to team up on yours!

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Something new and cool!

I regularly host new and free offerings in Jungian and Art Expression.  These include

  • Dreamscapes Dream and Discussion Group
  • Dreamscapes Special Events
  • Dreamscapes Unveiled Gallery Show through ART-X Festival

This month's featured event is my ART-X Installation:

Dreamscapes Unveiled:

Exploring Dreams, Sleep, and Art

Step into the intersection of psychology, neuroscience, and art. Explore the mysteries of sleep, dreams, and Jungian psychology in an innovative and experiential installation for all ages.

Unlocking the mysteries of sleep and dreams holds the key to enhancing human well-being and fostering creativity, paving the way for transformative breakthrough in fields ranging from mental health to innovation. It has been a full century since Jung first created his magnificently illustrated dream journal, The Red Book. Modern sleep science indicates those brain waves patterns found in sleep and dream states are also found in daydreaming and creativity–both important parts of art-making.

Dreamscapes Unveiled will explore creativity and dreaming through multiple perspectives of art, psychology, and science. Dreamscapes Unveiled includes a gallery show highlighting four major aspects of Jung’s Psychology (Self-Individuation, Archetypes, Dreams and Active Imagination, and Alchemy) and features an entry concept piece created collaboratively by artists Michelle Gray, Suzanne Botello, and Lisa Lee Pearce. These artists will host 3 workshops on Intuitive Art Making.  Additionally, there will be three community experiences: “Synchronicity, Active Imagination, and Carl Jung’s Red Book” (slide show and Active Imagination experience with Michelle Gray, PhD), “Why We Sleep” (book review/ discussion about the science of sleep and dreams with Sara Bishop, MD and Michelle Gray), and “Dreamscapes” an on-line Dream-Tending Group (with Michelle Gray). Something for everyone!

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My Life Motto is Embrace Your Authentic Path and Awaken Creative Solutions. In this Video, I give an example of how this motto works in my life to create wonder, authenticity, and even productive success. Everyone's brain works 24/7/365 however some brain activity such as dreams or active imagination can seem mysterious and incomprehensible. I find that learning to harness the potentials of this less accessible mind can lead to amazing results.

My Professional Background and Practice

 I have been a professional coach for more than 35 years.  I believe that one becomes an excellent coach through life-long learning, following one’s passions and interests, and of applying one’s insights into heartfelt service to others. And of course, learning how to apply all of that into coaching conversations that motivate others to do the same. The art of coaching conversation lies in manifesting curiosity about what is and what might be for a singular individual or system, and challenging unhelpful, self-imposed limits to those aspirations.  I have been a coach in many arenas: Life/ Health, Executive, and now Life/ Creative Depth Coach. I am comfortable in all these modalities, because I continue to learn and grow as a Coach. I am rarely stuck in life and I use my understandings of how to manifest unbreakable growth in helping clients to keep moving and growing.  Below is the progression of my growth as a coach.

Next Steps...

If you think that you would like to work with me, please call and leave a message on my voice mail.  I strive to return new client calls within 1-2 business days.  We will then have an initial conversation to ask each other questions and determine if we want to work together to make the changes you desire a reality.