Services Offered by Dr. Michelle Gray

Executive Coaching

Each human is unique, with strengths and opportunities, as well as challenges and problems.  People’s solutions arise out of honoring their innate positive strengths, while learning new ways to deal with their challenges.  It is my experience that clients enjoy a friendly, direct, and supportive conversation about the problem they want to work on.  There are many ways to understand a problem and it helps to have a competent and skilled outside source to discuss all the possibilities for resolution.

I enjoy understanding and working with people of from many backgrounds, ages, and problems.  Through the process of collaborative discussion, we determine on what you would like to focus and goals are made to achieve the results you would like to see. I would then suggest several models/ viewpoints from which to view your identified problem and goal.  In each session, we would have a caring and competent conversation, practice a skill to enhance your abilities, and define what “homework” you would accomplish before our next session.

Some of the problems that I especially enjoy working with are:


Creative Life Coaching

The ability to create and sustain healthy relationship is essential to having a full and happy life.  Everyone struggles, at different points, in this challenge. The human species is hard-wired to connect and attach, and when old scripts or new hurts get in the way of this, it is painful and frustrating.  The structure of relationship also grows increasingly complex due to high rates of relational instability, competing demands of dual careers and relationship, multiple households involved in childrearing, physical distance from traditional support networks, as well as many other factors. Despite all this complexity, the essential desire to connect and create something wonderful still is a primary urge for most people.

Each relationship is unique, and there are many frameworks in which to understand and improve a relationship.   I approach relationships with the goal of developing positive understanding and appreciation of each other, enhancing the bonding in the relationship, improving problem-solving and reducing negative patterns of conflict, increasing the capacity for a combined collaborative vision and values, and addressing the specific concerns that make this relationship unique.

I enjoy helping relationships survive and learn to thrive.  My background in family psychology extends 35+ years. I am licensed as a marriage and family therapist, which means that I have extended formal training in both the theory and practice of relational systems therapy, and have trained and supervised other professionals as well.

Organizational Consultation

In today’s highly competitive environment, the ability to learn is a critical success factor for both individuals and organizations.  Resilience and flexibility are essential qualities for long-term success in such learning.  Facilitating an organization in the development of these abilities and qualities requires the change agent to possess a sophisticated understanding of the process of change, as well as of the unique qualities of the organization’s culture and its population.

I have extensive education and training in the theoretical and practical foundations of change and have been facilitating the process of transformative change in individuals, groups, and organizations for 30+ years.  I am a seasoned change agent and consultant with strong skills in organizational development and analysis: including collaboration, training, and conflict resolution.  I strive to assist individuals and systems achieve goals quickly by utilizing existing strengths to develop solutions and by teaching effective methods of managing stress and conflict. I am a skilled educator and presenter, and have been nationally recognized as a trainer. I believe in a life-long commitment to learning about transformation processes, seeing “education as a journey and not a destination”. (Rogers, 1972).

Services Offered:

  • Organizational Development & Analysis
  • Team Building and Training
  • Coaching for Effective Leadership
  • Process Consultation
  • Focus Groups
  • Succession Planning
  • Stress Management and Wellness Programs
  • Career Development
  • Conflict Resolution /Mediation

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Next Steps...

Thank you for considering me as your Coach for Executive or Creative Life growth.  If you think that you would like to work with me, please call and leave a message on my voice mail.  I strive to return new client calls within 1-2 business days.  We will then have an initial conversation to ask each other questions and determine if we want to work together and other details of practice.