Competent Caring Conversations for Change

​​In today’s highly competitive environment, the ability to learn is a critical success factor for both individuals and organizations.  Resilience and flexibility are essential qualities for long-term success in such learning.  Facilitating an organization in the development of these abilities and qualities requires the change agent to possess a sophisticated understanding of the process of change, as well as of the unique qualities of the organization’s culture and its population.  

I have extensive education and training in the theoretical and practical foundations of change and have been facilitating the process of transformative change in individuals, groups, and organizations for 30+ years.  I am a seasoned change agent and consultant with strong skills in organizational development and analysis: including research, collaboration, training, and conflict resolution.  I strive to assist individuals and systems achieve goals quickly by utilizing existing strengths to develop solutions and by teaching effective methods of managing stress and conflict. I
am a skilled educator and presenter, and have been nationally recognized as a trainer and supervisor of systematic change agents. I believe in a life-long commitment to learning about transformation processes, seeing “education as a journey and not a destination”. (Rogers, 1972).

Areas of My Organizational Practice:

Organizational Development & Analysis
Team Building and Training
Coaching for Effective Leadership        
 Process Consultation
 Focus Groups
Candidate Selection/Succession Planning
Stress Management and Wellness Programs
Career Development
Conflict Resolution /Mediation